What is Functional Medicine?

Integrated, complementary, holistic, lifestyle, alternative…functional!

Wellness has become a giant bowl of word soup over the last few years, and it can be difficult to distinguish between one health and wellbeing approach and another. This all-access info session will demystify the field of functional medicine specifically, bringing to light just what it is, what it isn’t, and what it offers.

Join Mark Connett, co-founder of Elite Personalized Medicine, and Sunny Street owner (and functional medicine certified health coach) Stacy Joslin for this lively overview of all things functional medicine. Participants will receive a large helping of knowledge on the topic, some functional health tips to take away, and a surprise treat from Elite!

Session free of charge; registration required. Session offered in both live and livestream formats; book your option below.

Mark Connett

Co-Owner, Elite Personalized Medicine

A proven leader with extensive experience in the functional medicine healthcare industry. Mark has successfully helped privately owned physician practices thrive in offering innovative services based on the most relevant research and science. Mark’s passion is holistic/integrative medicine!

Mark and his wife Melea decided to make their dream a reality when they opened their own functional medicine clinic in 2019. Mark is a father of 3 beautiful children and enjoys helping coach them in their various sports they play.

Stacy Joslin


Stacy is a mom, partner, wellness advocate, longtime yogi, corporate warrior, and owner of Sunny Street Yoga.  A proud Pittsburgh native, Stacy spent twenty years in the strategic sourcing field before beginning a long-awaited left turn into wellness. She first earned certification as a functional medicine health coach, (FMCHC) and followed that soon after with her RYT-200 credential. She’s recently added certifications in trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness to her personal quiver, and will be completing her advanced yoga teacher certification this year. Having worn the shoes of the corporate employee (which have sometimes pinched like crazy), she is also passionate about the mind-body-spirit health of companies and the colleagues in their care, and is “at work” now to make workplace well-being a core part of her professional offering.

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