Welcome to The Well!

An On-Demand Integrated Wellbeing Program

We all say it to ourselves: “I really should start doing XYZ for my health and wellness.” But life is busy, and there’s family, and work, and projects, and a calendar of have-to’s that seemingly never ends. At the end of it all, your personal wellbeing program is somewhere back in the corner of the refrigerator with the old box of baking soda and half-eaten takeout from last week.

Sound about right?

That’s where The Well comes in. This program is designed by Sunny Street owner, RYT-500 yoga teacher and functional medicine-certified health coach Stacy Joslin, who is also a corporate professional, wife and mom. Very simply, Stacy’s conceived of The Well as something that would…well…work for her. It’s a mixed bag of curated content and bespoke classes covering all areas of wellbeing, from nutrition to movement to self-care to workplace wellness and beyond. Each offering is delivered virtually, is easy to digest, and can be accessed on your timeline, because who needs another deadline, right?

That said, it’s nice to have a accountability buddy, and Stacy will be that for you, popping in with an email, text or message from time to time to keep you motivated and cheer you on. You’ll find some (optional) community-building opportunities here too, in the shape of occasional webinars, book discussions, and other forums (or is it fora?) of interest. Finally, if you haven’t surmised already, laughter is a big benefit to wellbeing, and Stacy loves to keep things light and playful.

Check out some sample content below. If this material resonates with you, we’d love to have you in the program. Your first month is on the house, and thereafter the cost is $20 per month.

Just click on the registration link at the bottom of the page to get started.

Parts of The Well

  • One new wellbeing mini-project offered by Stacy every two weeks, with supporting content and communications
  • Two live or livestream class credits per month
  • Discounted or free of charge educational events like this collab with Elite Personalized Medicine
  • Subscriber-only blog posts and other informational offerings
  • Curated content on Instagram
  • Online access to bonus wellbeing content like this guided meditation

Click below to begin your subscription–free for your first month and $20 per month thereafter. It auto-renews but you can cancel anytime.

Take care, you!

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