Michelle Oppedisano

All-levels: vinyasa, gentle, yin, restorative, private lessons, meditation, breathwork, yoga for actors

At a Glance
  • RYT-200
  • Actor
  • Model
  • Childcare specialist
  • Singer
In Detail 

Michelle Oppedisano is a certified yoga teacher based in Atlanta. She has been “doing” yoga since she was a teenager, but truly started “practicing” several years ago when she began to notice all of the non-physical benefits. As a highly sensitive person, her anxiety level growing up was always high, and yoga completely changed that. She began to notice how yoga can help you heal and grow from the inside out. She continued to practice yoga and decided to start teaching because she has a passion for helping people find what it means to truly live their personal best and fullest lives.

Michelle is also an actor, singer, model and childcare professional. She pursues yoga and acting equally, and loves to each other actors and artists, because she believes that there is a deep connection between breath work and storytelling. She has been able to use all of her theatre experience and training to help her excel in teaching yoga. Her empathetic nature helps her stay tuned in to her students and meet them right where they are, with whatever they need.

Her ongoing goal is to keep spreading sunshine and telling stories!

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