Class Descriptions

Meet the classes!

We’ve build our roster at Sunny Street with three things mind–accessibility, variety and the preferences of our students. The majority of our classes are appropriate for yogis of all experience levels, and vary from gentle stretch to power vinyasa, offering a combination of working out and working in.

Ashtanga-Flavored Flow

Ashtanga is a yoga practice comprised of a series of poses done in a specific order. Students follow the same set sequence of postures each time, gradually progressing through it. Ashtanga is rooted in Vinyasa, with flowing movements between postures and a focus on one breath, one movement. While it is a physical practice, it also promotes mental clarity and inner peace.

This 75-minute class format is suitable for anyone wanting to learn more about this yoga style. Accessible Ashtanga is the future of the lineage, and in this class the students will flow through the “primary series” sequence, learning proper alignment, modifications for poses, and breathing techniques. This is all level class, suitable for those who want to practice this method in an easygoing environment without abandoning the concepts of standard Ashtanga.

Ashtanga-Flavored Workshop

This class lasts 90 minutes with an added rest period of 20 minutes. The elements that provide the framework for the experience of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga are: vinyasa/breath, bandha, dristhi, and asana. The main focus of this class is to explore the fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga to promote a better understanding of your body mobility, breathing and connect them both. We will be doing the practice with stops to highlight the Ashtanga elements, alignments, and body movements. We will create a perspective and understanding of the practice that will allows us to appreciate it. Ashtanga is much more than doing the postures in a particular sequence.

Book to Body Flow

Join us for this session that brings big ideas from books into our bodies, where we’ll weave concepts from our Book of the Month into a yoga class that is a changing blend of flow, deep stretch, rest, community, and connection.  And the Friday spot offers a perfect gateway to the weekend, a pause to reset and discover how the words on a page can flow into us as we flow in and through a blend of yoga offerings.

Please rest assured that reading the Book of the Month is NOT required.  But it does make the class even cooler.  🙂

Integrative Strength Training

Strength and flexibility are the yin and yang of physical fitness. Sunny Street is happy to offer this all-levels strength training class that works across muscle groups at each student’s pace.  IN these sessions, the body itself and the force of gravity provide the resistance needed to gently and gradually build strength. 

Mindful Flow

This class is accessible to all levels of experience with yoga. Slow Flow is a slower type of vinyasa yoga (flow yoga) in which dynamic movements and postures are synchronized with the breath and joined in a smooth flowing way. Expect your teacher to instruct practitioners’ movements to occur on an inhale or exhale. Class attendees are encouraged to be present with their body and breathe in a non-judgmental, witnessing way. The synchronicity of the breath with the movements and yoga asanas is used as a vehicle to calm and center the mind and bring attendees a deeper awareness of their own body experience.

Restore and Heal

A session of seated and reclining restorative poses and guided meditation set in a gentle, low-light environment, meant to center and soothe.  Stretching is gentle and intended for nurturing and healing.

Restorative Stretch

Nurture yourself in this hour of gentle but deep stretching and restorative techniques geared toward soothing the mind and body in the way it was intended–as one integrated, cooperative system.

Slow Flow

An exercise in mindful movement, this session incorporates slow vinyasa, a bit of yin, pranayama and meditation, all using the breath as a guide leading each yogi’s way through their practice.  All levels welcome. BYOI (bring your own intention).

Tai Chi

Tai chi, orT’ai chi ch’üan, is a gentle internal martial art practiced not only for self-defense, but for its meditative quality and support to flexibility, strength, balance and overall health and wellbeing. It’s slow-motion pace and poetic, circular movements are applicable to all practitioners and experience levels, and can be a beautiful way to support ongoing wellness.

Total Body Vinyasa

This 45-minute flow class balances strength and flexibility one part of the body at a time.  Week by week, seessions will build upon each other in a continuous format, each one focused on opening and reinforcing a specific area of the body within an all-levels flow.  Practitioners of all experience levels are welcome.


This all-levels class focuses on moderately-paced flowing from one pose to another, combined with pranayama and stretching work suited to each individual teacher’s style, all culminating in a soothing savasana to integrate all you’ve just done on your mat.

Yin and Meditation

A slow 75 minutes of seated and reclining poses and guided meditation meant to center and soothe.  Teddy bear not required but encouraged.

Yin and Yoga Nidra

Go inward in this hour dedicated to nurturing yourself.  Class begins with a series of stretching poses held for longer periods to encourage access to deep tissues, and concludes with a 15-20 minute guided yoga nidra meditation.

Yoga 101

Welcome to yoga! 

This single-session introduction to yoga will cover the nuts and bolts of the practice–from mats to breath work, and is intended to be a springboard first-stop in Sunny Street’s Welcome to Yoga program. Once you finish this course, you’ll be ready to plug into any of our class offerings and continue to build your practice.

Youth Yoga

This is a space for young people to enjoy their own unique yoga experience. Open to yogis under 16 but old enough to meaningfully participate in a 45-minute flow class, this session will allow students to learn more about yoga and develop their own internal practice, all while offering a gentle stretch to the body, mind and spirit.

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